Stars and Stripes 29 Dec, 2020 05:30 am

Fate of Trump's $2,000 checks now rests with GOP-led Senate

Fate of Trump's $2,000 checks now rests with GOP-led Senate
Democrats led passage, 275-134, their majority favoring additional assistance, but dozens of Republicans suddenly joined in approval.

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s push for $2,000 COVID-19 relief checks now rests with the Senate after the House voted overwhelmingly to meet the president's demand to increase the $600 stipends, but Republicans have shown little interest in boosting spending.After bipartisan approval by the House, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer warned, “There is no good reason for Senate Republicans to stand in the way.The bipartisan bill negotiated by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had already passed the House and Senate by wide margins.Congress had settled on smaller $600 payments in a compromise over the big year-end relief bill Trump reluctantly signed into law.

The legislative action during the rare holiday week session may do little to change the $2 trillion-plus COVID-19 relief and federal spending package Trump signed into law Sunday, one of the biggest bills of its kind providing relief for millions of Americans.It was another crisis of his own making, resolved when he ultimately signed the bill into law.

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