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Fatal Bronx fire: Family mourns 'loving' mom and 'energetic' son

Fatal Bronx fire: Family mourns 'loving' mom and 'energetic' son
Fatoumata Tunkara and her 5-year-old son, Omar Jambang, were visiting the Bronx building where Omar attended day care on the 19th floor when a fire broke out Sunday in a duplex below. Smoke spread up

"It was kind of like the wrong place at the wrong time," said Jantae Susso, the wife of Tunkara’s cousin, Ansumana Susso.Ansumana Susso, 34, of the Bronx, said his cousin was a bright spirit and people loved to be around her.She worked braiding hair, Ansumana Susso added."He was very, very energetic," Ansumana Susso said.

Ansumana Susso said he is angry over the reported problems with doors that were supposed to automatically close to contain such a fire, but apparently did not."She was very kind, loving and caring," said Susso.

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