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Farmers' pushback grows to squash pesticide ban bill

Farmers' pushback grows to squash pesticide ban bill
There's two weeks left of session

Learn More Farmers' pushback grows to squash New York pesticide ban bill By Kate Lisa New York State PUBLISHED 4:43 PM ET May 26, 2023PUBLISHED 4:43 PM EDT May 26, 2023 SHARE Dozens of agricultural organizations and state business leaders are pushing back against a legislative effort to ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in New York.Farmers and pollinators from across the state, including the New York Farm Bureau, sent a letter to Gov."New York's dairy farmers, corn and soybean growers, vegetable producers, golf course superintendents, professional landscapers and certified crop advisors would be put at a severe disadvantage if this legislation were to pass," according to the letter.NY Coalition Letter by Luke Parsnow on Scribd Likewise, the Business Council of New York State came out in opposition to the measure this week, arguing prohibiting the use of seeds treated with neonics would lead to higher costs for farmers already feeling financial stress and an increased use in pesticides.

"Protecting them by limiting toxins that pose adverse effects and health risks is an important step forward in our work to stop poisoning the environment and create a healthier New York.Even when effective substitutes are available, the loss of neonicotinoids from insecticide rotations would be problematic for some New York crops.

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