World Socialist Web Site 31 Mar, 2021 00:15 am

Far-right army reservist who tried to assassinate Canada’s prime minster sentenced to six years behind bars

Although the presiding judge acknowledged that Hurren’s crime was politically motivated and a violent attack on the government, Canada’s state institutions, political establishment and media have sought to cover up these critical facts.

They do not want attention shone on the fact that Hurren was a professed supporter of right-wing extremist positions for well over a decade, that the military is rife with far-right forces, and that just a day prior to his attack, an angry demonstration of hundreds of fascists took place on Parliament Hill demanding the reintroduction of the death penalty so it could be applied to Trudeau.In Germany, the military, police and state apparatus is rife with right-wing extremist networks planning for “Day X,” when they intend to violently overthrow the government and kill their political opponents.When Walter Lübcke, a regional politician, fell victim to a successful assassination by a right-wing extremist gunman in June 2019, the subsequent murder trial portrayed the assailant, Stephan Ernst, as a mentally disoriented lone wolf so as to cover up his numerous ties to far-right networks.In 2017, the Trudeau government adopted a plan to hike military spending by more than 70 percent by 2026, and all the parliamentary parties have lent support to Canada’s ever-deeper integration into US military-strategic offensives around the world, including in the oil-rich Middle East and against nuclear-armed China and Russia The basic reason for the ruling elite’s indifference to right-wing extremist violence in every country is that they want to keep fascist forces in reserve to be used as shock troops against an increasingly rebellious working class.

Clearly, powerful forces within the political establishment and military and state apparatus wanted to keep the political background to Hurren’s attempted assassination of Trudeau out of the public eye.” The official narrative of the attempted assassination was buttressed by outright suppression of information.

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