World Socialist Web Site 25 Mar, 2021 06:30 am

Facebook threatens teachers’ groups opposing unsafe school reopenings

Facebook threatens teachers’ groups opposing unsafe school reopenings
Facebook is aggressively removing posts, disabling accounts and shutting down groups that are sharing scientifically accurate information about the COVID-19 pandemic and opposing the government’s deadly policy of reopening schools.

Suspension of a Facebook account permits a user to log into the social media platform and view content but removes the ability to post comments, share links, “like” other posts or engage with the content in any way.In a Newsroom blog post from Facebook VP of Integrity Guy Rosen entitled “How We’re Tackling Misinformation Across Our Apps,” the social media corporation provided details about its response to “fake accounts, deceptive behavior, and misleading and harmful content.As Rosen indicates, the publication of this information by Facebook is timed to coincide with hearings being held by the House Energy and Commerce Committee on March 25 on the subject of social media’s role in “promoting extremism and disinformation.It would mean that the number one social media company in the world has disabled a quantity of user accounts that is equal to one half of its reported worldwide monthly total active users (2.

” Facebook Groups are a social media arena for friends and acquaintances to gather virtually and share information and content of common interest.” In this, the social media monopoly makes no distinction between right-wing pandemic and vaccine conspiracy theories and the growing opposition within the working class to the push by the financial elite, the corporations and the Democrats and Republicans to reopen schools and force people back into workplaces.

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