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Extend NYC speed cameras' hours, Mayor de Blasio urges

Extend NYC speed cameras' hours, Mayor de Blasio urges
Overall traffic fatalities are up this year.

“We’re appealing today to New York state to the legislature to help us do more,” the mayor said at a press briefing.Ribeiro/for New York Daily News) On top of that, two-thirds of those who got a ticket for speeding in 2019 did not get another ticket by year’s end, officials said.[More New York] NYC murder suspect crept through victim’s window before pulling trigger: police p Pedestrian deaths are down 18% this year, to 98, from 119 last year.“To address the disturbing trend of speeding we need New York city’s speed cameras to be on at all times,” he said.

” [More New York] NYC father of five shot dead, two others stabbed in Queens robbery gone wrong p NYPD Chief of Transportation Kim Royster said police will be stepping up DWI and speeding enforcement during the holiday season, a time when traffic deaths tend to increase.Despite the cameras, overall traffic fatalities are up in 2020 — though the number of pedestrian and bicycling deaths is down, city data shows.

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