HotAir 15 Jul, 2021 14:00 am

Everything is more expensive now – HotAir

Everything is more expensive now – HotAir
The return to 1970s economy

Much of the price increases this spring came from sectors that were hit particularly hard by the pandemic and subsequent shutdowns, including used car prices, air fares and fuel costs.A combination of aggressive consumer spending, supply shortages, and massive government stimulus, and we get price increases.The bulk of the price increases were in sectors battered by the pandemic (hospitality) or those battling supply shortages (used cars).Pandemic-related bottlenecks and other supply constraints created “just the perfect storm of high demand and low supply” that led to rapid price increases for certain goods and services, he said.

Trips to the grocery store and filling up our cars are the kind of price increases we feel as we go about our everyday lives.The consumer price index jumped 5.

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