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Event Highlights: January 24th

Event Highlights: January 24th
If you're one of those people that complain about conferences being all talk and no action, then this week is for you. According to our events calendar,

-30- Civic News | philly What’s the connection between Boston and this Kensington business corridor?Civic News | philly How can Pennsylvania boost innovation?Nudge Shapiro, for one Civic News | philly Are we heading into a recession?This US economist’s 2023 economic outlook isn’t dire Civic News | philly What would Philly’s 2023 mayoral candidates do for the Black small business community?

Startup Weekend – As we wrote about last month, Startup Weekend is an weekend-long event, challenging attendees to create a startup in just two days of hacking.Yes, it’s very much like Startup Weekend.

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