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Europe is missing in action on Ukraine

Europe is missing in action on Ukraine
There is a clear diplomatic solution to the position the EU has found itself in.

’s reorientation toward China is not translating into an abandonment of the Continent, there is something deeply troubling about the fact that a question at the core of European security is being handled exclusively from the other side of the Atlantic.Beyond Putin’s preference for engaging with Washington, what explains Europe’s passivity over Ukraine and European security?The Biden administration’s engagement on Ukraine and European security must be continued.The future of Ukraine has an importance that goes beyond the fate of that country, or the chest-butting between Moscow and Washington — it lies at the core of European security.

They should begin by revitalizing — and enlarging — the mediation format that dealt with the conflict over Ukraine until just recently: the Normandy Format.What is essential is that Kyiv formally be part of the negotiations rather than being consulted about others’ dealings with Moscow — this was the greatest value of the Normandy Format.

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