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EU races to help Ukraine fight cyberattack – POLITICO

EU races to help Ukraine fight cyberattack – POLITICO
No group has been immediately identified as responsible, but Russian troops are massing on the border.

" The websites of the ministry of foreign affairs, the ministry of agriculture and ministry of education went down due to the "massive hacking attack," a spokesman for the foreign ministry tweeted Friday — a day after diplomatic talks between Russia and the West ended in stalemate.The foreign affairs, agriculture and education websites were still down at the time of writing, as were websites of Ukrainian embassies and missions across the world.The EU on Friday called for the Political and Security Committee (PSC), a body that deals with security and defense, to gather for an emergency meeting to discuss "how we can provide technical assistance to Ukraine to it increase its resilience against these kinds of attacks," Borrell told reporters in Brest, France, on the sidelines of an informal meeting of foreign affairs ministers."We have to be very firm in our messages to Russia that if there are attacks against Ukraine, we would be very harsh and very strong and robust in our response," Sweden's Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde said in Brest, although she also added that "of course, we have to see who is responsible for it.

" Her comments were echoed by Marcin Przydacz, Poland’s deputy foreign minister, who told POLITICO that "we need to not only offer our assistance to Ukraine, not only build our European resilience with regard to this sphere but send a clear signal to those who are standing behind this.Taking down communications would be an expected precursor to a military assault.

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