24 Dec, 2020 18:45 am

EU and UK clinch narrow accord By Reuters

EU and UK clinch narrow accord By Reuters
A Brexit trade deal at last: EU and UK clinch narrow accord

"Deal is done," a Downing Street source said.We have signed the first free trade agreement based on zero tariffs and zero quotas that has ever been achieved with the EU," the source said."We have delivered this great deal for the entire United Kingdom in record time, and under extremely challenging conditions, which protects the integrity of our internal market and Northern Ireland’s place within it," the source said.The deal guarantees Britain is no longer in the lunar pull of the EU and will not be bound by EU rules, the source said.

"There is no role for the European Court of Justice and all of our key red lines about returning sovereignty have been achieved," the source said.Trade worth 668 billion pounds ($909 billion) in 2019 is covered by the deal, the source said.

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