World Socialist Web Site 25 Mar, 2021 02:45 am

<em>The White Tiger</em>: A portrait of India’s masters and servants

<em>The White Tiger</em>: A portrait of India’s masters and servants
Rahmin Bahrani’s latest film <em>The White Tiger</em> is a devastating picture of the reality of life for vast numbers of people in contemporary India.

The White Tiger, the latest film from Iranian-American director Rahmin Bahrani, is an important treatment of contemporary Indian reality and the massive class gulf between the rich and the poor.The White Tiger is a coming of age story about a poor rural Indian boy named Balram Halwai (Adarsh Gourav), who escapes the crushing poverty of his village of Laxmangarh.The White Tiger has many strengths, chief of which is its relatively unvarnished look at the brutality of the vast class divide in India.html" observed about the novel, “ The White Tiger aims at humor, but the tone is flippant by and large, not satirical.

The White Tiger is a perceptive and pointed film, despite certain shortcomings, that exposes the lie of the Indian ruling elite that it is the “world’s biggest democracy.The policies of the Indian ruling class in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic have devastated vast numbers of the poor and oppressed.

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