18 Sep, 2020 02:15 am

Election officials encourage voters to use state guidelines, ignore USPS mailer

State leaders accused the Postal Service of confusing voters.

p State election officials condemned the Postal Service this week for distributing an informational mailer about absentee voting that they said would confuse voters, urging them to check state guidelines instead, and prompting embattled Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to vow Thursday that he "will do better next time" -- without explaining when next time would be.Postal Service, with each side accusing the other of further muddying the already complex state-by-state rules for absentee voting.The informational mailer, distributed by the Postal Service to every residential address across the country in recent days, was supposed to encourage those interested in voting by mail to "plan ahead" by requesting a ballot more than two weeks before the election, then returning the ballot at least one week before the election.But that message almost immediately attracted the ire of state leaders, whose public reactions ranged from "missed the mark" to "disinformation," and accused the Postal Service of confusing voters.

Those officials accused the Postal Service of confusing voters, as the mailers' advice ran counter to some states' voting rules and conflicted with others that automatically send ballots to registered voters.Their frustration was compounded by the Postal Service's unwillingness to coordinate their outreach with the states, even after state leaders explicitly asked DeJoy to do so.

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