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Economic implications of an unsafe Abuja

Economic implications of an unsafe Abuja
A country’s capital is the city where its national government is located. This location is usually carefully chosen and designed to offer the best impression and position for a nation’s government and people to connect optimally with citizens and visitors.

Miami is a three-hour flight away from Colombia, a six-hour flight away from Brazil and a two-hour flight away from Puerto Rico.” The ethnic and religious identities of the victims of the attacks were clearly a factor and this was made even clearer when the Federal Government tried to even placate the terrorists, who were masquerading as herders, by creating government-sponsored ranches for them in all states of the country.All this could have been avoided if the government had not let ethnic and religious differences mute its response to a situation that had dangerous implications for national security.Hopefully, this teaches us the economic value of abiding by the principle of justice and equity regardless of the ethnic or religious affiliations of the victims or the aggressors.

5th August 2022 5th August 2022 A country’s capital is the city where its national government is located.You see, Abuja and other Nigerian cities were already struggling in the fight to become commercial hubs for the African ecosystem and were losing major ground to cities in Ghana and Kenya.

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