26 Jan, 2021 13:45 am

East Africa: Bleak Future for Opposition as Ruling Parties Ignore Violations, Irregularities

Violence against the opposition during presidential elections is not new in East Africa. And so it was not surprising that National Unity Party presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine became the latest victim of what many saw as state-sponsored violence.

Opposition leaders may jump around with their ideologies and meaningful political slogans, but it will come to zero," said Prof Anangwe.The situation is the same in Rwanda and Burundi," Prof Anangwe explained.It makes it difficult for the opposition to function," said Prof Anangwe.These are outfits anchored in personalities and tribes, which lack grassroots structures and hold no elections," Prof Anangwe said.

With parliament dominated by members from RPF and those from political parties in its alliance, it has even proven difficult to influence policy.In Kenya and South Sudan, it is political parties based on tribal outfits that pose a big threat to democracy.

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