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Early warning systems vital for managing disasters

Early warning systems vital for managing disasters
Zimbabwe and the bulk of the SADC region are expected to have normal-to-above normal rainfall in the 2021-2022 cropping season. In this report, Agric, Environment & Innovations Editor Sifelani Tsiko (ST) speaks to Benjamin Kwenda (BK), an agriculture meteorologist at the Meteorological Services Department about the seasonal forecast and possible implications of a wetter season.

What do you think is the role of early warning weather systems in reducing the impact of weather related disasters?Early warning systems are critical in this regard.If you get an early warning, then you have to take prompt action.So it’s very critical to have sound early warning systems in place.

ST: Are people in Zimbabwe and the SADC region taking early warning systems seriously?BK: I would say it’s still a mixed situation in terms of reactions to early warning systems.

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