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Drug deaths climbed early in pandemic, CDC says

Drug deaths climbed early in pandemic, CDC says
After the U.S. drug death toll spiked to a record in 2019, the rate of overdose fatalities surged further early in the pandemic, according to preliminary figures released by the federal government on Thursday.

xml:space="preserve"> xml:space="preserve"> After the U.More than 81,000 people died of drug overdoses in the 12-month period ending in May, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, an out-of-control clip that puts the country on track for a harrowing final tally in 2020.In 2019, drug overdoses killed an estimated 72,000 people in the U.Robert Redfield, the director of the CDC, said in a statement.

“As we continue the fight to end this pandemic, it’s important to not lose sight of different groups being affected in other ways,” Redfield said in his statement.The CDC said synthetic opioids seemed to be the largest driver in the rise of the overdose death rate.

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