World Socialist Web Site 29 Mar, 2021 22:30 am

Dozens subpoenaed under Brazil’s “national security” law for calling Bolsonaro “genocidal”

Dozens subpoenaed under Brazil’s “national security” law for calling Bolsonaro “genocidal”
The Bolsonaro government and forces within the state apparatus are responding to the explosive tensions in Brazil, the world epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the last month alone, over 30 individuals have been subpoenaed under the country’s anti-subversion National Security Law, a draconian piece of legislation enacted under the last president of the 1964-1985 US-backed military dictatorship with the stated goal of giving the military control over future civilian governments.Reflecting Bolsonaro’s own extreme sensitivity to the explosive social conditions in Brazil, where 22 million more people have been thrown into poverty, the tweet was taken as a threat to national security.Also on March 18, five Workers Party (PT) activists were detained in the capital Brasília by the local Military Police and brought to the Federal Police precinct accused of violating the National Security Law for associating Bolsonaro with Nazism and genocide.On June 15, both were charged by Justice Minister André Mendonça with falsely accusing the president of associating with Nazism, which itself is a crime under the National Security Law.

It issued a warrant against him for carrying out a “crime against the honor of the president of the Republic provided for in the National Security Law.The investigation was suspended three days later, on March 18, by a judge who ruled that national security issues could not be handled by the Rio police and should be directed to the Federal Police.

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