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Dorothy 'Dot' Cole, oldest living Marine, dies at age 107

Dorothy 'Dot' Cole, oldest living Marine, dies at age 107
Dorothy "Dot" Cole was 28 years old when she boarded a bus for the 150-mile trip to Pittsburgh, where she hoped to volunteer for the Navy. She was turned away for being too short — so she joined the Marines instead.

MARINE CORPS CHARLOTTE, N." So she eventually came up with another plan after returning to Warren: She would learn to become a pilot, and persuade the Marine Corps to let her fly an airplane.Roosevelt signed the Marine Corps Women's Reserve into law, to fill the gaps — left by men headed to combat — in administrative, training and supply positions at its bases.Still, "I loved the hats we were wearing," Cole told the Marine Corps Times, also in September.

"It was kind of a tough time and we were not welcomed too well by many of the men in the service," Cole recalled in the Marine Corps Times interview.Then "I think some other Marines from the Marine Corps League, when she was getting ready to turn 107, they got in touch with headquarters up by the Pentagon there in Washington, and they were able to do the research, and they said, 'Not only is she the oldest female Marine, but she is actually the oldest Marine as of September 2020.

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