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Donald Trump, Michelle Obama 'most admired' in Gallup poll

Donald Trump, Michelle Obama 'most admired' in Gallup poll
He lost the popular vote and the US election, but Donald Trump was named “most admired” man of 2020 in a new Gallup poll that left Democrats divvying up mentions.

Overall, Trump received 18% of mentions whereas former President Barack Obama and President-elect Joe Biden split the Democratic field, receiving 15% and 6% respectively.Media mogul Oprah Winfrey received 3% of mentions this year while Clinton, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, New York Rep.Gretchen Whitmer also received 1% of mentions this year, but they still ranked lower than Barrett and Thunberg with fewer overall votes.Former First Lady Michelle Obama won the title of most admired woman for her third year in a row, according to the annual poll released Tuesday.

President Trump and former First Lady Michelle Obama have one thing in common at least, topping their respective polls.Michelle Obama took her top honors again after receiving 10% of mentions.

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