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Don't make me bring back the mask mandates, people – HotAir

Don't make me bring back the mask mandates, people – HotAir
Good luck with that

Like many cities, Chicago has been seeing an uptick in new COVID cases as people return to a mostly normal routine without all of the government pandemic mandates restricting their activities.Allison Arwady said COVID cases have been increasing all across the United States in recent weeks, including in Chicago, as the delta variant is becoming the dominant strain of the virus.I will not wear it and my children will not wear it.She singled out the 60621 and 60633 zip codes on the South and West sides for their failure to sign up for the shots.

Interestingly enough, the South Side and the West Side are two of the largest minority neighborhoods, with the South Side being infamous for gang activity and higher crime rates.(CBS Chicago) Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday warned that the city might be forced to reinstate some COVID-19 restrictions if more people don’t get vaccinated against COVID-19, as the highly contagious delta variant continues to spread nationwide.

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