14 Jan, 2021 10:15 am

DomoSafety and Roche Pharma innovate in digital health

Partnering Digital health Related tags Partnering Digital health DomoSafety, a digital health leader offering a private cloud platform for patient monitoring and decision support for home care , has launched a pilot project with Roche Pharma (Switzerland) Ltd.For people living with SMA, like many people with chronic conditions, digital health technologies bear the potential to monitor disease progression in real-life, continuously and holistically, and to provide solutions to support people in living an independent life and feeling safer and freer, at home and on the go.DomoSaftefy has now entered a partnership with the Pharma Giant Roche Switzerland to bring digital health solutions to SMA patients.The project aims at improving the quality of life of people living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a rare neuromuscular disease.

Adapted to SMA, this unique technology can transform the care of SMA patients and improve their safety and independence.As part of the collaboration, Roche supports a project during which DomoSafety will adapt its evolutive platform to the needs of SMA patients, allowing them to improve care by predicting or detecting early potential sudden health deteriorations.

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