fxstreet.com 05 Feb, 2021 16:15 am

Dollar bulls are just warming up

Dollar bulls are just warming up
It was a great week for the greenback, with the EUR/USD pair plummeting to 1.1951 and finishing the week around the 1.2000 figure. The run towards fre

9 trillion, with Democrats moving to pass US President Joe Biden’s bill without Republican support.Worth noting that despite such move Biden and Republican senators are engaged in negotiations to find common ground.AUD/USD Weekly Forecast: Resilient Australian economy to keep providing support to the AUD GBP/USD Weekly Forecast: UK GDP may provide next boost after Bailey balances stimulated dollarThe longer moving averages are maintaining their bullish slopes well below the current level.

The three moving averages present firm bearish slopes, somehow suggesting possible lower targets ahead.Market participants will likely remain focused on US stimulus developments, and whether Democrats will be able to pass President Biden’s huge aid-package.

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