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by Dimas Marques/Fauna News 25 November 2021 On Feb.15 this year, the day after Valentine’s, a two-toed sloth was checked into the government-run wildlife screening center in Manaus, in the Brazilian state of Amazonas, for some… by Dimas Marques/Fauna News 21 June 2021 In Brazil, as in many other biodiverse countries around the world, the commercial trade of some species of wildlife is allowed — as long as the animal was bred in… by Dimas Marques/Fauna News 1 April 2021 It was 11:30 in the morning on Feb.Everything was calm as usual at the front gate of the Brejão Farm,… by Dimas Marques/Fauna News 13 January 2021 Deep inside the Brazilian Amazon, in areas still inaccessible to the outside world, the wildlife follows its natural cycle.Their remoteness guarantees a certain degree of isolation from human civilization,… by Dimas Marques/Fauna News 11 December 2020 Experts at two of Brazil’s leading wildlife conservation bodies are on high alert following a spate of seizures of hyacinth macaws and golden lion tamarins from alleged traffickers in recent…

A gray sky threatened heavy rains.

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