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Dickson vs Akene: leaked audio causes ripples in Bayelsa

Dickson vs Akene: leaked audio causes ripples in Bayelsa
A leaked telephone conversation between former Bayelsa Governor, Seriake Dickson and his estranged former Commissioner ...

But Akene agreed that Rivers and Lagos were highly indebted but said the projects in those states could not be compared to Bayelsa.But Akene responded: “The projects in these states cannot be compared to us.But the projects they have in those states.Dickson initiated the heated conversation that lasted about 20 minutes following an article written by Akene titled Bayelsa rising debt burden, which the former governor considered offensive especially as it suggested that the state’s debt rose astronomically during his administration.

Read Also: AUDIO: Former Bayelsa Gov Seriake banters with ex-Commissioner over performance Dickson said debt burden referred to in the document represented the total accumulated liabilities, including money owed to contractors, unpaid salaries and gratuities and not loans taken by the government as implied by Akene.If I tell you the cost of a multiple flyover like the Etegwe roundabout is supposed to be a multiple flyover and not a straight flyover that is required and I can tell you the real cost of things.

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