The Examiner 19 Dec, 2020 13:00 am

Diane Mack

Diane Mack
If there is anything I have noticed this year it is the numerous homes decorated with Christmas lights. I have never seen so many Christmas light decorations. It feels warm and wonderful.

At Christmas time, for almost 30 years, my Pennsylvania family has traveled to Delaware for a family get-together.I’ve lived long distance for most of that time and have only been able to attend a few of the Delaware family parties.Anyway, my youngest sister Lindy and her family invite the entire family to their Delaware home, which is just south of the Pennsylvania border.Monson wrote this poem: There’s Christmas in the home and church, There’s Christmas in the mart; But you’ll not know what Christmas is Unless it’s in your heart.

The bells may call across the snow, And carols search the air; But, oh, the heart will miss the thrill Unless it’s Christmas there.Traveling to Delaware has remained a wonderful family tradition among the Pennsylvania family.

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