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Devon Sawa chooses between ‘Casper’ and ‘Final Destination’

Devon Sawa chooses between ‘Casper’ and ‘Final Destination’
The Canadian actor played the human version of the Friendly Ghost in 1995's "Casper" and starred in 2000's "Final Destination," which kicked off the franchise of the same name.

Speaking with the Daily News this week, the “Hunter Hunter” star was asked which of his films he would keep on his acting resume, if he could only choose between 1995′s “Casper” or 2000′s “Final Destination.” “Final Destination,” the first in the supernatural horror franchise of the same name, just like its successors, focuses on someone who averts death after a terrifying premonition they’d die in a mass casualty incident (in one film, a massive roadway pileup, in another a deadly roller coaster) only to die in a bizarre incident linked to dodging their initial fate.” Devon Sawa Stars In 2000's (L)"Final Destination" and 1995's (R) "Casper" “I think that I would keep ‘Casper’ because it’s just opened so many doors for me and people loved it so much and it’s such a sweet film,” said Sawa.Most Read Now, Sawa stars in “Hunter Hunter,” a “page-turner” of a flick that hit theaters and on demand Friday, and sees him playing the head of a fur-trapping family struggling to survive when they become the prey.

Devon Sawa is revisiting the ghosts of his past.The ghostly family dramedy sees the Canadian actor as the human version of Casper the Friendly Ghost, a role that Sawa added is “part of who I am.

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