18 Sep, 2020 14:45 am

Despite protests, Israel imposes second COVID-19 lockdown

Despite protests, Israel imposes second COVID-19 lockdown
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the government had been left with no choice but to impose a lockdown

Bars were packed in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on Thursday evening, despite Israel having the world´s second-highest infection rate based on an AFP tally of the past two weeks.The government has branded numerous cities "red" for their high infection rates, including Netanya and Rishon Letzion, near Tel Aviv, and various neighbourhoods of Jerusalem, including the Old City.Netanyahu has faced weeks of public protests against his leadership and on Thursday hundreds of Israelis rallied in Tel Aviv against the second lockdown.World Fri, Sep 18, 2020 JERUSALEM: Israel imposed a second nationwide lockdown on Friday to tackle one of the world's highest coronavirus infection rates, despite public protests.

Earlier this month, the coalition attempted to imposed localised lockdowns in places with high infection rates, only to downgrade the measure to curfews and school closures.Previously, neighbouring Lebanon was the only country in the world to have ordered a second nationwide lockdown in response to the virus.

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