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DeShuna Spencer created KweliTV to share the African Diaspora experience

DeShuna Spencer created KweliTV to share the African Diaspora experience
Spencer recently launched the streaming platform, featuring films and documentaries with Black voices from around the world.

” The films have also been shown at dozens of festivals including the American Black Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, African International Film Festival, BronzeLens Film Fest, Cannes Film Festival, Hollywood Black Film Festival, African Diaspora International Film Festival,the Harlem International Film Festival and the Amnesty International Human Rights Film Festival.She also worked as a crime beat reporter with the Clarion-Ledger and the Oakland Tribune before becoming the communications manager for a Silver Spring-based trade magazine.I had a scanner on my desk,” she said of her time on the crime beat.On a whim, she entered the strong  New U seed grant program and won $20,000 to develop a beta prototype for her streaming service KweliTV,  an interactive streaming platform to share the African Diaspora experience around the world.

” Spencer hopes that KweliTV will become a portal for black female founders who need funding and to invest in other companies and her community.” Kweli translates to “truth” in Swahili, and the company currently has a growing list of 18,000 registered users streaming dozens of films and documentaries on Google Play, Roku and Apple TV.

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