HotAir 17 Jul, 2021 14:30 am

Democrats will put amnesty plan into infrastructure bill – HotAir

Democrats will put amnesty plan into infrastructure bill – HotAir
Is this a Hail Mary play?

Democrats will try to push through immigration reform in the budget process.Add that to the ruling by the federal judge who determined that DACA is “an illegally implemented program”, and immigration reform has come to the forefront of political discourse once again.In the past, it has been an issue that a bipartisan group gets together and comes up with a plan to move immigration reform through Congress but at the last minute it always falls apart and the issue gets kicked down the road.” Democrats privately admit that this is likely their only chance to ram through immigration reform, given the deeply divided political atmosphere and the fact that the Senate is evenly split 50/50 with any tie-breaking votes going to Kamala.

The bill would provide permanent status to DACA recipients, a move that a majority of Americans support, but a relatively small targeted move rather than broad sweeping immigration reform.What better time to push through amnesty for potentially millions of illegal immigrants than during the Biden border crisis?

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