The College Fix 19 Dec, 2020 17:45 am

Demanding status for menial accomplishments

Demanding status for menial accomplishments
The story of DOCTOR Jill Biden…

’” In my over quarter-century in public education, I’ve known many folks who went on to get EdDs.In fact, in one memorable moment, one of these EdDs went to observe the classes of one of my colleagues, and upon her entrance the colleague announced to the class “Hey everybody, say ‘hello’ to Mrs.p p A former English lecturer set the media — and social media — afire last week for an op-ed criticizing Joe Biden’s wife — specifically her insistence that people use the title “Dr.” My colleague hesitated, his students with confused looks on their faces, and then he said again (with emphasis this time), “Hey everybody, say ‘hello’ to Mrs.

To them the ed school looks less like a school of medicine than a school of cosmetology.Many — most, really — pursued the degree because they had aspirations to move into administration, and an EdD is a requirement (whether it’s actually relevant or not).

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