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Delivering Healthcare in Ilaje Riverine CommunitiesGuardian Arts

Delivering Healthcare in Ilaje Riverine CommunitiesGuardian Arts
One of this writer’s magazine reports 46 years ago was headlined ‘A Date With the Swamp-dwellers’. It was based on the life of the Ilaje people in the coastal and riverine area of Ondo State. A rather romantic piece it was. It celebrated the aquatic splendour and culturality of the people. But that was how […]

The book, Healthcare Delivery In The Riverine Communities Of Ilaje, by Dr.In terms of healthcare delivery, the author enumerates the Commission’s landmark achievements which include: the employment of ‘special health workers’, procurement and distribution of free medication, medical consumables and equipment of various health facilities, sponsorship and organising of free surgical and medical services, the building of new health facilities as well as the monitoring and evaluation of performances of medical workers.The author concludes Chapter One by highlighting some sociological, administrative, logistical, economic, infrastructural and other challenges facing healthcare delivery in the riverine areas.It is that same spirit that he carries into Healthcare Delivery In Riverine Communities Of Ilaje where the emphasis on mass education of the people is copious.

Though largely futuristic, it is all the same a vital torch beamed at healthcare delivery in the riverine communities of Ilaje to improve the well-being of the people on a gargantuan scale, even as a case study for the whole Niger Delta.Going further in Chapter One, the author devotes a whole section to the history and workings of the Comprehensive Health Centre (CHS), Ilowo.

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