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Delaware joins cybersecurity program for high-school girls

Delaware joins cybersecurity program for high-school girls
The game “Girls Go CyberStart” targets young women in an effort to increase gender diversity in the field.

There was only one problem with the program: out of the 359 Delaware students enrolled in the pilot, only 5 percent were young women.com/QtBOxuQRug — Girls Go CyberStart (@GGCyberStart) January 19, 2018 “The importance of cybersecurity cannot be understated and I encourage young women in Delaware high schools to take advantage of this opportunity to explore career options in this vital field,” said  Gov.16 , and is limited to 10,000 young women from Delaware, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming and American Samoa.No knowledge of cybersecurity or special tech skills are required — the game is meant to identify young women who show an aptitude for the field.

Cybersecurity is a field overflowing with career opportunities — which is why Delaware state government partnered with the SANS Institute to pilot the youth cybersecurity program CyberStart last summer.So, the SANS Institute and the State of Delaware are partnering again on a new program that provides girls in high school the opportunity to discover their aptitude and learn basic cybersecurity skills through a no-cost online game of discovery called  Girls Go CyberStart .

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