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De Blasio urges Black New Yorkers to trust COVID-19 vaccine

De Blasio urges Black New Yorkers to trust COVID-19 vaccine
Mayor de Blasio on Sunday gave a passionate plea for Black New Yorkers to take the COVID-19 vaccine as it becomes available.

xml:space="preserve"> xml:space="preserve"> Mayor de Blasio delivers remarks at Mt.“If someone says there’s a bad history in this country the way people of African descent have been treated by the medical community, bears the clear stamp of institutional racism, you are correct,” de Blasio said during a service at United Apostolic Church.De Blasio said a speedy vaccine distribution is crucial for communities of color in New York, which have seen higher fatality rates from COVID-19 than the city’s white residents.“If the vaccine can protect people of African descent, Latinos, Asians, if the vaccine can right that wrong, I don’t want to see a tragedy where people distrust it and turn away from it because of that all too painful, all too true past,” said de Blasio.

We need to write a new chapter, a new chapter of decency and fairness and respect for all people.In a pair of addresses at predominately Black churches in Jamaica, Queens, Hizzoner acknowledged a long history of discrimination among American medical professionals — but asserted the vaccine distribution would be different.

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