The Examiner 02 Jan, 2021 00:45 am

Days Gone By Independence Examiner

Days Gone By Independence Examiner
Independence mayor sees progress ahead. The high cost of everything. And pie.

Weeks, and Lyle Alberg, city manager, joined hands today in summing up goals and projections for the city during the new year.• “COST OF WELCOMING IN NEW YEAR UP TO YOU” – What’s it worth to you to bid goodbye to 1970?During this year of heavy inflation, it appears that the cost of paper hats and horns -- prime ingredients for New Year’s Eve celebrations -- have spiraled upward like all other commodities.Another top entertainment spot in this part of the county is drumming up New Year’s Eve customers with a bid of $29.

” • “BITS OF GENERAL NEWS” – The police departments of all the big eastern cities are preparing to handle the big New Year’s debauch tonight.Restaurant men say that pumpkin pie is largely in demand by their men customers.

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