19 Sep, 2020 20:45 am

Dangerous signs

Dangerous signs
In the last few weeks, Shia persecution, and anti-Shia rallies have taken centre stage. This can spell disaster for communal peace

The recent wave of anti-Shia rallies and Shia persecution started during Muharram processions when a Shia cleric publicly made certain remarks against a historical person revered by Sunnis.The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority then suspended the television channel involved and lodged a police case against the Karachi-based Shia cleric who had led the prayer.Several Shia clerics also held media briefings condemning the Shia cleric in Karachi for using “objectionable” language with regard to a person respected by Sunni Muslims.“However, we believe in peace and harmony and urge the government to stop Shia persecution using such acts by certain individuals as a justification,” said Nasir Abbas, a prominent Shia cleric.

From the anti-Shia protest in Karachi On September 12, tens of thousands of Sunni Muslims gathered in Karachi to protest a public demonstration earlier by some Shia Muslims denouncing certain figures in Islamic history.The live broadcast of the ritual prayer, standard practice for many Shia Muslims, led to a strong reaction by some Sunni factions and clerics.

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