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Customs arrest suspects for trafficking 397kg pangolin scales

Customs arrest suspects for trafficking 397kg pangolin scales
The Nigeria Customs Service in collaboration with Wildlife Justice Commission has arrested eight suspects in connection with the interception of 397.5kg of pangolin scales.

4th August 2022 Pangolin scales.5kg of pangolin scales.He said they were arrested while attempting to traffic large amounts of pangolin scales and ivories through Nigeria.It stated, “Preliminary investigation revealed these three Vietnamese nationals as high-ranking members of a major organised crime group involved in the trafficking of ivory, pangolin scales, rhino horns and lion bones from Mozambique and South Africa through Nigeria to Vietnam.

7bn pangolin scales in Lagos “The three suspects were arrested while sourcing for pangolin scales in Nigeria, 397.” According to the statement, the collaboration between NCS and WJC led to the confiscation of 400 Kg of pangolin scales put up for sale on the illegal network.

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