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Cuomo goes green in State of the State address

Cuomo goes green in State of the State address
"A new economic engine that is future-oriented, essential for our survival. This nation and the world are beyond the debate whether climate change is real and ‘green is good,’" said Cuomo.

Cuomo said Wednesday that New York must embrace renewable energy and green initiatives in order to compete in a post-COVID economy.“We will see a global competition among government to develop economics that quickly adjust to the new COVID economy and New York state must win that competition,” Cuomo said as he again spoke from the War Room in the State Capitol.New York Governor Andrew M.“New York cannot solve the climate crisis without clean energy and clean transportation,” said Julie Tighe, president of the New York League of Conservation Voters.

“The governor is right that global warming poses an existential threat, and New York must lead in shaping a new green energy economy,” Moran said.’ ” Cuomo said the state will invest $20 million in an offshore wind institute to train and certify workers in the burgeoning field and two new offshore wind turbine farms are planned off Long Island.

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