04 Jun, 2021 16:30 am

Crushing The "Struggling Women Can't Work Due To Childcare Crisis" Narrative Once And For All

Crushing The "Struggling Women Can't Work Due To Childcare Crisis" Narrative Once And For All
ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

This narrative, which has appeared in tabloids such as Business Insider ("The April jobs report shows women are still struggling") has been sparked by similarly idiotic statement by some of the most clueless Fed members, such as Neel Kashkari, whose quote here may explain where the confusion comes from: All of this, of course, is just to perpetuate the lie that there are other major factors at work besides the generous unemployment benefits that are keeping most Americans out of the labor force (spoiler alert: there aren't - as long as Americans can collect hundreds of dollars every month for doing nothing, they will do just that and will not work).To be sure, there was one - just one - data point that gave some validity to this claim, and it had to do with the composition of the April jobs report, which saw all the (modest) job gains go to men while women actually lost jobs.As the chart above shows, while women did indeed lose 8K jobs in April, they more than made up for its in April when they gained 398K jobs.At the same time Men gained 336K jobs in April and just 45K in May: tough to get the "childcare crisis" narrative in here.

And that's precisely what happened today, because buried inside the jobs report was the breakdown in job gains between men and women and.And just to complete the picture - something the Biden admin propaganda refuses to do - here are the job gains by men and women over the past 12 months.

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