18 Sep, 2020 23:15 am

Cruise fans bring their beloved seas to dry land

Cruise fans bring their beloved seas to dry land
Cruising enthusiasts Jen and Jonathan Sternfeld found an unusual coping mechanism during the coronavirus pandemic: A fake cruise.

“All of us were collectively missing cruising,” recalls Jen Sternfeld, who has been on 29 real-life cruises.The robust “Virtual of the Seas” itineraries posted by Royal Caribbean, which started in March as the lockdown began, helped inspire Jen Sternfeld, a private chef, to flex her cooking skills at home.Jen Sternfeld, for example, turned to scrapbooks from previous trips, which included daily program guides.) Inspired by friends posting nostalgic throwback photos of previous cruises, “I just said we could do a virtual cruise by taking pictures at home.

For Kirti Dwivedi, a Phoenix-based marketing consultant, a virtual cruise was a honeymoon to follow her virtual wedding, which took place in April via Zoom.SET UP A VIRTUAL CRUISE AT HOME Decide where to go: While there’s nothing wrong with a cruise to nowhere, selecting an imagined destination can help inspire meal plans or daily activities.

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