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COVID shuts down Ontario, Canada, the day after Christmas

COVID shuts down Ontario, Canada, the day after Christmas
The Canadian province of Ontario, faced with surging coronavirus cases, is shutting down the day after Christmas, starting a minute after midnight on Saturday.

“Unfortunately, despite the restrictions, we’ve seen growing numbers of people traveling between regions within Ontario,” Ford said at a news conference, according to CNN.The shutdown will last two weeks in northern Ontario and four weeks in southern Ontario, Ford said, and will begin a minute after midnight on Dec.“The number of daily cases continue to rise, putting our hospitals and long-term care homes at risk,” Ford said in a statement announcing the “difficult but necessary decision” to shut the province down.The province will shut down the day after Christmas because of surging coronavirus cases, Premier Doug Ford announced Monday.

” Ontario Premier Doug Ford, right, and Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott look at freezers ahead of COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Toronto, Tuesday, Dec.As of Monday, Canada’s most populous province – with 14 million people, holding 38% of the 38 million people who live in the country – had seen 158,053 coronavirus cases, with 4,167 deaths.

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