The Examiner 20 Dec, 2020 04:00 am


The hospitals’ intensive care and medical units of 22 St. Louis area hospitals are about 85% full on average. More than 20 COVID-19 patients are dying every day.

Louis area health official is warning that doctors and nurses are becoming exhausted as the virus surges and that the tempo gives them “little room to maneuver.“You just can’t maintain this sort of operations tempo at this rate, because it gives us very little room to maneuver.Even the slightest uptick in admissions above what we are seeing as normal now can really tip us into crisis management,” he said.” Crisis management means doctors have to make difficult decisions on who gets the best care and who doesn’t.

He said they are filling 20% of general hospital beds and 30% of ICU beds, the St.Alex Garza, who leads a pandemic task force of 22 hospitals, said an average of more than 100 COVID-19 patients have been admitted every day to those hospitals for over a month.

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