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COVID-19 hospitalizations in B.C. highest since February

COVID-19 hospitalizations in B.C. highest since February
The number of COVID-19 patients in B.C. hospitals has risen by 46 in the past week, to 596 today – the highest count since February 25, when there were 599 such patients.

The BC Centre for Disease Control's (BC CDC) counts for COVID-19 deaths in the most recent week, and for the COVID-19 death toll have not been in sync since the province switched to issuing weekly data updates, instead of daily ones, starting April 7.In new data released today for the week that ended May 7, the BC CDC lists 54 new COVID-19 deaths despite the COVID-19 death toll rising by 81.Bonnie Henry said in early April that the new system would overcount deaths initially, and that the death toll would then be altered weeks or months later, when the province's Vital Statistics Agency confirms that some deaths are not related to COVID-19.Because of this, her expectation was that the new weekly death totals would be high, with the death toll in the future being revised down.

Instead, inexplicably, it is the death toll that has consistently outpaced the number of newly added deaths.That compares with 2,283 known new infections in the week that ended April 30.

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