The Examiner 21 Dec, 2020 23:15 am

COVID-19 Centerpoint Medical Center HCA

HCA Midwest says Centerpoint benefited from learning how the first vaccinations went at other system hospitals.

Bridget Bransteitter said she was almost “joyous” to get a shot in the arm Monday morning.Bransteitter said she could sense a little mood change among her co-workers as the first vaccines have received emergency approval and are starting to reach the first designated recipients.“It hurt the same as the flu vaccine or any other vaccine, and right now I feel fine,” Bransteitter said.The chief epidemiologist and chair of the infection control committee at Centerpoint Medical Center, one of the front-line doctors against COVID-19, was among the first to receive a vaccination when Centerpoint received its first shipment of the Moderna vaccine Monday morning.

Mary’s Medical Center, anticipated it would receive Moderna shipments this week.Lee’s Summit Medical Center also is under the HCA umbrella.

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