World Socialist Web Site 17 Mar, 2021 01:15 am

COVID-19 cases in Ohio schools nearly double in wake of forced reopenings

COVID-19 cases in Ohio schools nearly double in wake of forced reopenings
The spike in cases came just two days before Republican Governor Mike DeWine’s March 9 false pronouncement that “victory is in sight” in the fight against the virus.

The reopening of schools has taken place amid the emergence of more contagious and deadly variants of COVID-19 and continued warnings by leading virologists that the US could be headed for a massive surge in cases.The homicidal policy of reopening schools and nonessential workplaces amid a deadly pandemic has exposed that both the Democratic and Republican politicians are completely indifferent to the lives of educators, students and all workers in the communities they claim to represent.Educators, parents and students determined to fight against this policy are coming into confrontation with the teachers unions that have either passively accepted or collaborated in the reopening of schools.The World Socialist Web Site encourages all Ohio educators who oppose the reopening of schools to link up with educators in the expanding network of Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committees across the country and internationally.

Since January, DeWine has pushed for all Ohio schools to open no later than March 1.Further, their letter goes on to downplay the significance of DeWine’s action, stating, “Luckily, schools don’t open up just because a Superintendent signs a letter; schools open when teachers, staff, and parents collectively decide it is safe to do so.

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