02 May, 2021 00:30 am

Covid-19, beyond numbers

Covid-19, beyond numbers
MAY 2 — We lost a Covid-19 patient in her mid-seventies recently.  Her condition had deteriorated rapidly — requiring ICU care, then breathing support, before dying just a few weeks later leaving behind a husband and daughter who were also admitted but recovered. Before being put on a...

Exhibiting what is known as the Peltzman effect, all Malaysians, the government and public included, are susceptible to falling into the trap of a false sense of security – driven by the need to believe that we are in the final stretch of the pandemic.The speed of information vs misinformation In building the trust necessary for cohesive co-operation between the government and public, the crisis of spreading misinformation needs to be addressed.Misconceptions about the vaccines and their side effects have been swirling on social media, fueling growing anxiety among the public which the government is scrambling to alleviate.A study published by Darren Lilleker, professor of political communication in Bournemouth University, emphasised the importance of not just clarity but empathy in communication.

In a comparative study across 27 countries of how each responded to the emergence of the virus, both clarity and empathy proved to be crucial in a country’s communication during crisis management.Two notable examples, South Korea and Ghana, emerged as the clear winners in the battle against Covid-19, both achieving clarity and empathy in their respective communication strategies.

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