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Couple uses nonprofit service to record legacy

Couple uses nonprofit service to record legacy
Like anyone who has been married almost 60 years, Al and Maria Angulo of Grass Valley have often shared their stories with their children and grandchildren. But as age catches up with them, the Angulos…

During the pandemic, they found a solution though Nevada County Media of Grass Valley.Nevada County Media is local nonprofit that offers county residents a chance to capture their legacy stories on a professionally produced product.The Angulos turned to Nevada County Media because the organization has a wide variety of production services aimed at keeping the process simple.Using high-quality video recording equipment inside a studio, Nevada County Media captured two hours of the Angulos stories.

” Nevada County Media Director Ramona Howard says “This sort of professionally recorded story-telling sure beats, recording grandpa on your cell phone in a noisy room.” Howard notes that Nevada County Media provides reasonable price services to Nevada county residents, between $45 – $85 an hour for audio and $85- $125 for video.

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