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Couple speechless after watching adopted sons walk home from school

Couple speechless after watching adopted sons walk home from school
Phil and Chris said their adoption journey has been an "amazing experience"

In terms of the misconceptions people often have about adoption, Phil said: "You can adopt if you're single, you can adopt if you don't own your own home, you can adopt if you're a same sex couple, and sometimes there is that view that there is going to be discrimination when it's not there.Phil said: "After we had our first, the second time around we decided we wanted a sibling for him." Phil said: "Our eldest child has got disabilities as well and we said we don't really want to see them be separated, can we maybe explore the option of adopting him as well.The first day Oliver met the couple's older son Nathaniel, Phil said: "We walked down to school and they held hands all the way back up the road, back into the house and didn't stop holding hands at all and that was the first day.

" Phil said: "I think it's been an amazing experience that's the best I can say, seeing the development of all the children in the different areas has been phenomenal." Phil and Chris, who asked only to be referred to by their first names, marked the final milestone of their adoption journey on Thursday when they were invited to a celebratory court hearing.

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