18 Sep, 2020 02:30 am

Counsel told to argue on maintainability of petitions against PPP ministers

Counsel told to argue on maintainability of petitions against PPP ministers
The Sindh High Court on Thursday directed the counsel to argue on the maintainability of petitions seeking the formation of a joint investigation team to probe a police high-ranking officer’s...

Petitioners Ahsan Ahmed and Syed Iqbal Kazmi submitted in their petitions that former Shikarpur SSP Dr Rizwan Ahmed had sent a report to the Sindh police chief on the connection of Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh, his family members and employees to robbers and criminals and that the report had accused them of harbouring the criminals involved in heinous crimes in their areas.The Sindh police chief had ordered the constitution of the inquiry committee to probe the authenticity of the former SSP Shikarpur’s secret report on the alleged nexus ofthe provincial minister with criminals and their patronage.The report stated that the former SSP Shikarpur had not registered any criminal case against Imtiaz Sheikh and his brother Maqbool Ahmed Shiekh for abetting criminals if such evidence were available with them.The report stated that there was no evidence to support that the former SSP Shikarpur carried out any special full-fledged operation in Shikarpur’s Chingi Muqam to eradicate hardened criminals from that areas although he had more than 3,000 police personnel at his disposal as well as vacate properties from the possession of the MPA.

The court observed that the bar contained in Article 225 was not absolute and may be displaced under Article 199 (1) (b) (ii) and/or Article 184 (3).The court observed that the apex court in recent pronouncements had held that the fact about disqualification of a member of a house must be based on affirmative evidence and not upon presumptions, inferences and surmises and that interference may only be contemplated in the presence of admitted facts and/or irrefutable direct evidence available on record to justify disqualification.

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