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Corruption in public sector, work ethics and productivity

Corruption in public sector, work ethics and productivity
Identifying the problems of Nigeria without mentioning corruption is corruption itself. Issues on corruption have served as a major plank for winning and losing elections in this country.

More appropriately, it is to identify corruption in the public sector and the implications for the apparently low productivity in the sector.That is the way we run down our economy, and complain of low productivity, low revenue, delay in salary or non-payment of salary, lack of motivation to work and work very hard.The cover-up that goes on in virtually all the ministries, departments and agencies further strengthens corruption and the attendant low productivity in the public service.It is a common scene in public service when workers deliberately vandalise or keep away their tools to avoid working for their salaries or wages.

In many cases, the public service is overburdened with excess staff collecting salaries for doing virtually nothing, or not collecting salaries regularly because of low revenue.It is corrupt for anyone to make payment for a job done or not done in any foreign currency.

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